Beneficial Investments Co.

Beneficial Investments Co

We are house buyers in the Twin City area of Minnesota.  We buy in Minneapolis, Saint Paul and each of the surrounding suburbs.  We buy homes in any condition.  Typically the homes we purchase have been neglected or are in disrepair although we do also buy pretty and well loved homes as well.  We are cash home buyers meaning that we can purchase the property quickly and at you convenience without any hassles of qualifying for a mortgage.   We purchase the home directly from the buyer so there are no realtor fees or commissions to pay.

What we do with the Properties

Once we purchase properties they are usually in need of repair or rehab.  We either restore the home to it’s natural beauty or depending on the extent of repair needed may even due complete renovations.  Typically we will then resell the home on the open market or rent it to a responsible family who we believe will be an asset in the community.